genital clamps??? seriously?? that just sounds painful. The more i read this the more turned on i get tho…i feel like a sick twisted person for actually enjoying this. Christian is just sexy…no man knows that much and knows how to make a girl have that many orgasms and go that crazy. He takes teasing and torture to a crazy level. It makes me wonder how many people actually experience sex like that. I can tell hes falling in love with her though so his tormented demon ways will soon subside and they will balance out and him and anatasia will be together…im oh too good at this. I had such an eventful day today. One the Jordan thing, then seeing Dane unexpectedly, and then austins text just pissed me off. Like fuck you and every guy. Dane may be a little fuck sometimes but he is a gentlemen. I dont like guys and dont trust any of them. They are just little horny fucks that want to pounce on anything they can. They all hump the air and look at girls as a peice of meat. I have no idea what i am going to say to jordan…its hard to know. i cant put this book down i have to read more.